Saturday, February 27, 2010

Killer Whale Shamu Killed Trainer Footage

Terrible tragedy witnessed by the visitors SeaWorld Orlando in Florida, United States (U.S.). A dead whale trainer sunk by these mammals in front of peoples. Killer Whale Shamu Killed Trainer.

Dawn Brancheau was killed after the show "Dine with Shamu" featuring whales. 40-year-old woman had just finished performing with Tilikum session, the biggest whale in SeaWorld and the only adult male whale.

Tilikum suddenly appeared and grabbed Brancheau arm and immediately pulled her into the water. After that, Tilikum is stomping Brancheau’s body into water and swim fast in the whale pool.

Brancheau's face was bleeding. The killer whale kept stomping Brancheau body while swimming. A moment later the sirens sounded and the visitors were herded out to leave the arena.

Brancheau is dead when paramedics arrived at SeaWorld. Brancheau is a whale trainer with a lot of experience in training. She was working at that place since February 1994. Now, this tragic incident is under investigation.

But this is not the first incident happened to the whale trainers at SeaWorld arenas in the U.S. In November 2006, a trainer was bitten and taken to the water several times by a whale during a show at SeaWorld San Diego. Coach, Kenneth Peters, survived with a broken leg.

In 2004, a whale at SeaWorld San Antonio tried to bite one of the trainers. Fortunately, the coach can escape.

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