Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IT’s Trends 2010, 3D TV Network Channel

3D TV will be a major topic in 2010. Discovery said, They had held a joint venture with Sony and IMAX to create a 3D TV service, which will be targeted to 24-hour television channel which presents movies, environmental programs and other content in 3-dimensional version. January 5, 2010 Discovery Communications and ESPN has announced will launch 3-dimensional television network in the U.S., hoping that the 3D TV technology can go to the theater field and as home TV show.

ESPN also will feature 85 sporting events this year in ESPN channel 3D, starting from the FIFA World Cup matches in 2010 on June 11, 2010, and 25 other World Cup matches. Major electronics vendors like Sony, LG Electronics and Panasonic also plans to create a 3D TV and Blu-ray player at the end of this year.

For that, there is some kind of indication of consumer demand for special 3-dimensional glasses and other devices when watching 3D TV at home, according to Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony. Discovery, which owns the Discovery Channel and 12 TV networks in the U.S., will work with Sony and IMAX to provide a special 3D channel.

Sony and IMAX will provide television license rights to present 3D films and other content, also provide advertising and sales. While IMAX, would become a 3D theater service provider and promoter of these services.

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