Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Final Fantasy 14

Good news for you who likes to play the Final Fantasy games. Square Enix plans to launch the Final Fantasy 14 MMO beta on March 11, 2010.

This beta version will be closed today and the number of players who have access will be much less. But quite interesting to see Square Enix really launched the beta phase for the next product in the franchise like Final Fantasy XIII released in Western markets.

Initially, the publisher offered back a beta version in December but it is not clear whether all people have access to it. Although this beta version is set to be played on the PC first, but eventually may also be moving to console games.

Final Fantasy XIV will be a MMO like Final Fantasy XI, but will not have the same technology. Appearance of the players in the game will change depending on what they are doing; accuracy in the battle would make a better player in completing their tasks. World in this game is called Hydaelyn with Eorzea as main areas.

Final Fantasy 14 released on the Xbox 360 console and PlayStation 3 on March 9, 2010. Actually, Final Fantasy XIII has been out since December 2009 in Japan and even sold well, apparently Final Fantasy XIII is not as famous as the Final Fantasy VII. So, will the Final Fantasy 14 will break the grip and more popular? Let’s see

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