Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ver Rafaela Capitulo 43 en Vivo

Rafaela is back! you will see the premiere of your favorite soap opera. Rafaela Capitulo 43 will be aired this Wednesday, March 30, 2011 on Televisa. The original story of Rafaela was written by Delia Fiallo and adapted by Enna Márquez and Estrada Katis. Staring Scarlet Ortiz as Rafaela, Jorge Poza, who plays Jose Maria, Rafael played by Rogelio Guerra, Dianan Bracho as Morelia, and many other supporting artists.

Synopsis of telenovela Rafaela - a young doctor makes a special hospital run by Dr. Rafael Antúnez, a father who abandoned him as a son. Morelia, Antúnez wife, decided to get rid of the girl, believed to be ashamed. Rafaela has decided to continue, unaffected by the poverty they live with their mother Caridad and her five children by different fathers.

Rafaela Capitulo 43 - Later in this chapter is said Rafael solidarity Charity was rejected because of his wife problem, Morelia. Rafael see the destroyed houses, Rafaela noticed incredible value that makes him go, Chucho Rafael asking for help to avoid death. Of course, this story will be more interesting if we look directly at the end of Rafaela Capitulo 43. Hope you like it!

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