Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do not disappoint your wife tonight

Perhaps this ever happened, for last few nights you always seem selfish and in a hurry to have sex. You are always first to reach a climax when just doing a new stage of heating or 1-5 minutes of penetration.

As a good wife, of course She's trying to understand your condition, but you realize in her heart She was always sad and disappointed? do not feel the tears flowed almost every night.

Do something for your pride as a man, and a good pair and want to make your wife full of happiness. Do the "best" for your beloved wife and your relationship together for warmth.

Do not let your courage and virility problems are making your wife had to hide her disappointment again. Penis extender yahoo would gives you the best and most complete solution for you guys, couples, and even for the bride and groom.

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