Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flames of desire ep 50 final

Flames of Desire episode 50 is the final episode. So, it would be nice if you read the plot carefully and then watch the video here. The story of Flames of Desire Korean Drama is focused on the success and devastation of a chaebol family.

Flames of Desire Final Episode synopsis
Kim Min-Jae is the son from a powerful chaebol family. He is the successor for the company, but he is more concerned in painting than business.

Park Su-Bin is a popular actress, better known under her stage name of Park In-Gi. She has did work in several high profile CF and gained various best actress awards. A scandal then happens between Park In-Gi and Kim Min-Jae, which conducts the two to marriage. Park In-Gi's seems to push ahead so she can escape her past and the secret of her birth. She also trusts love, fate, & destruction is just a game. If she wins then she can be pleased.

Conflict then occurs between Park In-Gi and her mother-in-law Yun-Na-Young ( Shin Eun-Kyung ) - who is obsessed with money.

If you miss it on TV, as an alternative lets watch Flames of desire episode 50 final online.

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