Sunday, November 8, 2009

MissUpload: Upload, Share and Get Paid

A few days ago I found a file upload service called Actually, there are lots of websites that provide free file upload services but they do not pay for each downloaded file. There also a lot of free upload service and share files that are willing to pay. But missupload will pay you higher more than others. If the other services charging only $ 10 for every 10,000 download, then missupload willing to pay $ 10 for every 1000 unique download.

Here are some advantages of MissUpload:
- Payment can be sent directly to your local bank account
- Reward offered higher ($ 0.01 per file per unique download or $ 10 per 1000 unique download)
- Reward $ 0.1 (100 points) to recommend a premium customer.

Other rules that apply:
- You can collect rewards if you are already MissUpload member (must register first)
- Only files that have size 5 MB or more that can make money.
- Not allowed to manipulation.
- Withdraw can be done when you reaches $ 10, via paypal or bank.

Benefits of Points
- Can be exchanged with Premium membership
- Redeemed for cash and sent through Paypal

How to exchange points into money
- After reaches $ 10 or 1000 points
- Payments are made once a month and should be through submission of first
- The submission made before 20th of each month and payment will be sent on 1st -5th on next month

Each file that you will upload must meet the TOS requirements:
- The file does not contain pornography
- The file does not contain racism
- The file has a copyright

What are you waiting for? switch to Missupload now. Upload your files, share to your friends and get cash now!

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