Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spartacus Gods of the Arena s01e05, Reckoning

I thought, Spartacus Gods of The Arena is the best television series of 2011 ever and its becoming bang-up. I believe, No one ever trusted that a prequel to the series will be as good as this. Until now, there is 4 episode have been aired and gues what? this week Starz will be airing the 5th episode.

The episode 5 of Spartacus Gods of The Arena is called as “Reckoning”. As always we will resume the episode synopsis and also the sneak peek video for fans.

Reckoning summary according to Starz official video preview:
Batiatus’ father announces a tournament to determine the worth of the men that make up his stable of gladiators. Crixus, dedicated to proving himself, is drawn into the power play within the house. Enjoy watching Spartacus Gods of The Arena Episode 5 Reckoning online.

And finally, below is the preview for next week’s episode. If you watched Blood and Sand, then you already know that extending the family line was an issue for Lucretia and Batiatus in the future. It seems that is to be addressed next Friday night. Hope you like it.

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