Monday, November 1, 2010

The Business Account

The business account is an account used in the commercial and financial relations representing the relationship between two people who engaged with each other reciprocal transactions, agreed to merge the assets and liabilities resulting from these operations in. It is legally different from the deposit account. This account is a deposit account in the bank that acts as central account of current relations between the bank and its client. We also found the names: current account, account deposit and account checks. The business account is the only deposit account may be alternately and lending (thus allowing a loan of short duration with explicit authorization from the bank, called the appropriation, in well-defined limits).

This account centralizes: the deposits and withdrawals in case, the receipts and payments using a different payment method than cash: check, credit card, bank transfer, and debit, the movement of funds to other accounts and banking products (savings account, savings plan, loan account, and securities account). The customer holds the account is called current holder of the account. If the account is held by several individuals (joint account between spouses, taking into undivided), we speak of co-owners. The owner may also grant a proxy to third parties who are then proxies to the account.

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