Saturday, November 13, 2010

Avalon High Movie Disney Channel

Avalon High is adapted from Meg Cabot’s (“The Princess Diaries”) book of the same title. If you read the book, you see she does a brilliant job incorporating lightheartedness with the mystery, combining all these different elements. The original Movie Avalon High aired on November 12th.

The screenplay writer did the same thing. There’s action, comedy, drama, romance and mystery. It’s got a little bit of everything. A few things are different from the books for time’s sake, working within the hour-and-a-half time constraints. But they did a brilliant job of adapting it.

The movie opens with a jousting match on the beach, but it turns out to just be a dream the main character, Allie Pennington, played by Brittany Robertson. Allie and her family have just moved and Allie will be attending Avalon High School where her parents are professors of Medieval Literature.

When Allie goes for a run she bumps into Gregg Sulkin’s character Will Wagner. Allie flashes to another day dream of herself offering a goblet of water to a Medieval Will. After she snaps to and walks away from him she turns back and he’s gone.

Will walks into school on Allie’s first day and saves his Miles (Joey Pollari) from being bullied by the character Marco, played by Devon Graye, who is actually Will’s step brother.

Will is the quarterback on the track team and he is dating Jen, (Molly C. Quinn) and his best friend is Lance (Christopher Tavarez).

All of the main characters end up in Mr. Moore’s class (Steve Valentine). They are assigned different topics about King Aurthur and his court. Allie is assigned to work with Miles, who shows up at her doorstep to work on their project that night even though it isn’t due for three weeks.

Because Avalon High on Disney Channel, which we all get (well, unless you don’t have cable or you live in some country that doesn’t have Disney Channel, in which case, I’m sorry! But I’m sure the movie will come out soon where you live)!

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